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                              Classical Pilates


Pilates Private:

La creme of le creme workout where you will be strategically guided through exercises on our state of the art apparatus and on the mat. Your private instructor will tailor the session specifically for your interest and needs. ~55 minutes of better

Pilates Duet:

Allow us to match up you with a perfect partner for a dynamic semi-private session on the Apparatus and Mat. A fun and more economical way to enjoy your workout. ~55 minutes of better

Pilates Trio:

Experience a surge of stamina in this dynamic workout offered in a semi-private group type setting that includes three students. Enjoy the rush! ~55 minutes of better

Beginner Tower:

Mat and Springs unite in this unique and very effective powerhouse enhancing workout. You will lengthen while you strengthen using our state of the art wall unit. Great class for newbies. ~55 minutes of better

Tower Power:

Designed for the Pilates enthusiast, this popular signature class of mat and springs will leave you feeling stronger and better than you were before! Appropriate for more advanced students. ~55 minutes of better

Equipment Classes:

Our Signature Class offfered at all levels using the reformer, chair, and tower. Enjoy the camaraderie of working out in a small group of 4 or 5 students. Classes are offered at Intro Level all the way to Super Advanced. ~55 minutes of better

Pilates Mat:

Our most economical way to get your core ON. The Mat Workout is where you'll discover your finest tool to achieving physical fitness: Your Body. The mat is the quintessential ingredient to achieving your best body. Classes are size limited to 10 students. ~55 minutes of better

Beginner Pilates Mat:

Our mat class for "newbies". Use this class to create a foundation for future matwork. You will build body awarenes and srengthen your core muscles of the abs, back, glutes, and hips. You will feel the difference in just 6 classes. ~55 minutes of better

Beg/Int Pilates Mat:

Our mixed level class of beginner and intermediate levels. The instructor will guide you through a series of exerices to challenge the student while providing modifications for those who need it. You will be challenged with new exerices every week. Explore your core! ~55 minutes of better

Intermediate Pilates Mat & Strength:

This class takes you to the intermediate-advanced level where you will further explore technique and more flow (faster pace). Small weights and/or balls are used for an added surge of stamina in this full-body conditioning workout. ~55 minutes of better

Pilates Mat & Sculpt:

This class will focus on specific muscle groups of the arms, legs, and glutes using rollers, weights balls, circles, and/or bands. A real party for your powerhouse and will leave you feeling minduflly and physically content. ~55 minutes of better


Therapeutic Pilates

Private Therapeutic Session:

Ideal for those dealing with an injury, experiencing chronic pain, or just in need of a more gentle approach to their Pilates session.  Your Therapeutic Pilates Instructor will guide you through a more focused Pilates session that is tailor made specifically for your individual needs while receiving all the benefits of Pilates.  Movements are modified to allow students to progress at their own pace. You will learn how to strengthen the areas of the core and to enhance range of motion while combating future injuries for a pain free life.    Students should know that this is not Physcial Therapy but a more focused Classical Pilates session.     

~By appointment only






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