FREE GROUP CLASSES...Valentines's Week:  Feb. 12th - Feb. 18th!

Better Body is sharing its Love for Pilates:

FREE GROUP CLASSES...Valentines's Week:  Feb. 12th - Feb. 18th!

Why?...  Because...

We Love our Clients
Our Clients Love their Pilates
And it's Krisi's favorite holiday!

Let's all come together and share the Love for Pilates at your favorite Falls Church City Pilates Studio:

Classical Mat, Mat Mixer, Tower Power, Equipment, Barre, or Mat & Tower.  All FREE for ONE WEEK! 

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Limit to one class per student
Class size limited and will Fill Quick!

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Women's Self-Defense Workshop

Women's Self-Defense Workshop

Saturday, December 7th from 7pm-8:30pm
With Matt Michaelson


1. Do you feel uneasy walking to your car or
to or from your place of work?

2. Do you want to feel more confident?

3. If needed, can you defend yourself?


** Learn basic self-defense techniques
designed for immediate use against any
** Gain confidence, energy, and the
‘Edge’ to fight back and survive!

Yoga For All: An Introductory Yoga & Stretch Class for Men and Women

Yoga for All: An Introductory Yoga-Stretch class for Men and Women

Definition: ACSM, Personal Trainer and former U.S Army Lieutenant, Matt Michaelson will guide students through a series of Yoga inspired strength and stretch exercises specifically geared to open and lengthen hamstrings, hips, and back; Areas prone to tightness that can lead to chronic pain.

Matt will demonstrate proper technique using straps and blocks to teach students how to access range of motion while experiencing the "Ahhhhh" moment when a muscle is opened and released from backed up tension.

Join us Wednesday evening from 7:00 -8:15pm and receive a Complimentary Better Body Band to take with you for your at-home stretching.  $25

Open, release, and feel better....

MEN on MACHINES.. An Introduction to Pilates Mat and Equipment for Men

Pilates Workshop for Men, In Falls Church, Virginia

Specifically, for men who have never tried Pilates before, Krisi will lead a 75-minute males only Pilates class.  

Joseph Pilates created his method to rehabilitate soldiers in WWI. Today, some of the best male athletes in the world incorporate Pilates into their training.

Even though Pilates was created by a man for men, males are often the minority in class, and men truly need it! Come see why Pilates will make you feel better than before!  All levels are welcome; class will focus on newbies as well as men having some experience.


Men on Machines
with Krisi
Saturday October 31st  



BETTER BODY Your falls Church pilates studio



Saturday, June 20th at 12:00pm with Krisi



Tuesday JUNE 9th at 7:00pm with Elie

Brazilian Bar Description:

A very specific format taught by Eliezer Rabelo. This class has proven its efficiency through the decades. Eli mixes all his knowledge of Ballet, Brazilian Dances, other Fitness Modalities, and most important – PILATES –. Making this class fun and accomplishing. One can expect laughs and hard work during this class, while acquiring a BETTER conscious of the body, BETTER coordination and super star flexibility.       We welcome all fitness levels.



Wednesdays at 7:00pm with Lindsey



Thursdays at 7:00pm with Becky



Saturday, April 25 at 10:00am w/Krisi 





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