Yoga For All: An Introductory Yoga & Stretch Class for Men and Women

Yoga for All: An Introductory Yoga-Stretch class for Men and Women

Definition: ACSM, Personal Trainer and former U.S Army Lieutenant, Matt Michaelson will guide students through a series of Yoga inspired strength and stretch exercises specifically geared to open and lengthen hamstrings, hips, and back; Areas prone to tightness that can lead to chronic pain.

Matt will demonstrate proper technique using straps and blocks to teach students how to access range of motion while experiencing the "Ahhhhh" moment when a muscle is opened and released from backed up tension.

Join us Wednesday evening from 7:00 -8:15pm and receive a Complimentary Better Body Band to take with you for your at-home stretching.  $25

Open, release, and feel better....