Pilates Mat:

Our most economical way to get your core ON.

The Mat Workout is where you'll discover your finest tool to achieving physical fitness: Your Body. The mat is the quintessential ingredient to achieving your best body. Classes are size limited to 10 students. ~55 minutes of better

Beginner Pilates Mat:

Our mat class for "newbies". Use this class to create a foundation for future matwork. You will build body awarenes and srengthen your core muscles of the abs, back, glutes, and hips. You will feel the difference in just 6 classes. ~55 minutes of better

Beg/Int Pilates Mat:

Our mixed level class of beginner and intermediate levels. The instructor will guide you through a series of exerices to challenge the student while providing modifications for those who need it. You will be challenged with new exerices every week. Explore your core! ~55 minutes of better

Intermediate Pilates Mat & Strength:

This class takes you to the intermediate-advanced level where you will further explore technique and more flow (faster pace). Small weights and/or balls are used for an added surge of stamina in this full-body conditioning workout. ~55 minutes of better

Pilates Mat & Sculpt:

This class will focus on specific muscle groups of the arms, legs, and glutes using rollers, weights balls, circles, and/or bands. A real party for your powerhouse and will leave you feeling mindfully and physically content. ~55 minutes of better

As with all of our classes, proper alignment and form are key to getting the most out of each workout resulting in a fitter, stronger and  BETTER BODY...