Classical Pilates- Tower & Equipment Classes. Womens & Mens Fitness and Personal Training in Falls Church, VA- BETTER BODY STUDIO

our equipment classes are small group sessions between 2-5 people on the reformer, tower, or Chair.


The TOWER is our Wall Unit with arm and leg springs attached. This combination of mat and springs is a favorite among clients You will lengthen and strengthen every muscle in your body using our state of the art wall unit. Great piece of equipment for beginner students or anyone wanting to experience our equipment for the first time.  We recommend 3-6 Private Lessons before joining a group class. 

~55 minutes of better


Just like the name implies, The REFORMER will reform you. You begin with footwork on your back working against springs. You will immediately feel the release of tight muscles as your feet get a stretch. Following is a full body conditioning workout from head to to heel. Your body will feel the difference after just one session. Enjoy the camaraderie of working out in a small group of 2- 4 students on our favorite piece of equipment: The Reformer.  

All of our Equipment classes incorporate matwork since that is the base of the Pilates work. We have all levels:  INTRO through ADVANCED levels.  The Wunda Chairs, Barrels & Balls may be used in an Equipment class.   Our Equipment classes can be seen on our online schedule.  You may also book a class privately according to your own availability.  We also will match you up with partners so that you are working in your appropriate level.   We recommend 3-6 Private Lessons before joining a group.

~55 minutes of better