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MEN on MACHINES with Krisi Frazee

Calling all MEN! Specifically for Men who have never tried Pilates before, This is a 75-minute males only Pilates class.  

Designed for those marvelous males who have never tried TRUE PILATES before, or who wish to brush up on their technique, who may suffer from lower back pain, tight hips and hamstrings and tight shoulders, or men who simply wish to find an edge to their golf game.

Joseph Pilates created his method to rehabilitate soldiers in WWI. Today, some of the best male athletes in the world incorporate Pilates into their training.

Even though Pilates was created by a man for men, males are often the minority in class, and men truly need it! Come see why Pilates will make you feel better than before! 

All levels are welcome; class will focus on newbies as well as men having some experience.

Cost: $40