Better Body Step #1

Complete our ‘3-Private INTRO Pack’

Includes 3 private lessons for $255

Better Body Step #2

Continue with Private lessons:  6-Pack Or 10-Pack

 Or let us find you a partner for Duet Lessons

Better Body Step #3

Join a Group:  Reformer Class, Tower Class, or a Semi-Private group weekly spot  with 3 or 4 other students who are working at your same level. 

You'll need help with this, so call the front desk and we'll help schedule you in the right class.


Helpful Hints:

The more people in your group the more fun and economical your session will be.

However, we do recommend private and duet sessions every now and then so that you stay sharp on your technique as the smaller the group the more individual attention you will receive.

For even faster results, add a Group Class (Mat or Yoga) to the Mix for a real Better Body Blast.  Don't stop and keep your sessions consistent. You will see results in 6 weeks

See below for a in-depth explanation of how to progress with your Pilates.

You will be better than before...   

Intro-to-Pilates Packages are a perfect way to get started. 

We offer 3 Introductory Private Sessions that will allow you to work one-on-one with an instructor.  After you complete your 3 Intro Private Sessions, you can either continue with private sessions or opt to workout with a partner who we match for you (Duet).  Eventually, you can add a 3rd partner and make it a Trio.  Some clients prefer one-on-one Private Sessions while others prefer working with other individuals.  Duet, Trio, and Quad Sessions are considered to be Semi-Privates Sessions.  Your instructor will offer you feedback on how to progress with your Pilates practice.  We do recommend private sessions for clients who have injuries or who need special attention.  Otherwise, working out in a small group (Semi-Private) is not only economical but can be a lot of fun.

We also have an Intro-3-Group Class Card that will allow you to try 3 Group Mat Classes. 

Here, you workout in a large group setting on the floor with about 5-8 other students.  There is no apparatus (equipment) used in Mat Classes.  Rather, you are on an exercise mat working against gravity and the weight of your body.  Working on the "Mat" is a remarkable way to cultivate complete control and ownership of your body.

Should I start with the Equipment or with the Mat?

We do not prefer one over the other.  Both formats will help you work your way toward the Pilates Body you are seeking.  However, we do recommend starting out with Private Sessions if you are currently non-active or have an injury.  You will also find that implementing both formats complement one another well.  Most of our clients enjoy one mat class and one apparatus class per week.  You will most certainly experience faster and more effective results doing both Mat work and Apparatus work.

How often should I do Pilates?

How often you do Pilates is not as important as how consistent you are with your program.  Try not to skip weeks so that your body can adjust and continue to get stronger.  And try to make Pilates a part of your weekly routine.   Pilates is unique in that it is kind enough to your body that you can practice it every day.  Simply stated, the more you do it, the better you feel, and the better results you will obtain.  We do recommend at least 2x a week for good results.  However, 3x a week is where you will find maximum health and "be better benefits".  A good solid foundation is the key to a Fit Pilates Body.  You will receive better and faster results when you commit to a solid and consistent program.

What do I need to bring with me to the studio?  

Your Mind and Body. We supply the mats, and water.  Socks can be bought at studio.

When will I start seeing results from my Pilates Practice?

Wise words once spoken by Joseph Pilates: 

"After 10 sessions

you will feel the difference,

after 20 sessions, you will see the difference, and 

after 30 sessions you will have 

a complete new body". 

Time and time again our clients tell us that they feel immediately better after just one session. 

That is because the Pilates exercises strengthen and lengthen your muscles in a way unlike any other exercise practice.  You will feel rejuvenated after your session, not exhausted.  You will truly feel better than you did before walking into our studio!

What is the difference between Pilates and Personal Fitness?

Personal Fitness is a training session that is individually designed to meet specific fitness goals of the client.  For example, losing weight or strengthening a certain muscle group.  Your workout will consist of using weights, tubes, rollers, and/or fitness balls to help target those "problem areas" and to tone and strengthen major muscle groups.  Exercises are often muscle specific where the focus can be on just the legs or just the arms.  Pilates is a system of exercises where the entire body is working as a unit.  In the Pilates system, the intention is to allow for the body to behave as an integrated system, and to move continuously and seamlessly through each exercise.  Your instructor will "break down" the movement so that you can learn the proper technique of each exercise.  But eventually, the goal is to move fluently or with "flow", therefore adopting complete ownership of your body.  Your instructor will also provide modifications and variations, allowing for each unique student to work at his or her optimum level.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

There are many approaches and types of Yoga.  Yoga, in its truest form, can be very spiritual and meditative.  Some Yoga practices focus on holding poses (or asanas) while others will offer flow (continuous movement).  Still other types of Yoga focus on breathing or may be more athletic.  Whereas there is only one type of Pilates.  Both disciplines are wonderful and can and should be a part of any student's fitness and wellness routine.  You may find that Yoga holds poses for periods of time to build strength and endurance, while Pilates keeps the body moving in a continuous flow.  Pilates is most effective when it's done right and with proper technique.  You will find Pilates Classes sorted out in "class levels" where students work at a particular level.