PilATES Membership Discounts: 

Our memberships are the most economical way to save at Better Body.  Ideal for students who average 2 or more visits per week. Membership holders will receive 3%, 5%, or 10% off of every single rate class or session.  The purchase amount for the membership goes directly into your account (bank). From there, we simply withdrawal the cost of your discounted class or session from your account every visit. 


Silver Membership:   $350  

3% off all services   (expires 2 months)


Gold Membership:   $700  

5% off all services   (expires 4 months)


Better Blue Membership:   $1000  

7% off all services   (expires 5 months)


Platinum Membership:   $1525  

10% off all services   (expires 4 months)